10 Fun Stay At Home Family Activities

photo by Sandy Millar

Being home with kids means keeping those kids entertained. Yes, there will be some homeschooling and TV to watch but it won’t be long before the chants of, “I’m bored” will rise up. You can combat the “stay at home blues” with these fun family activities.

Make Your Own Board Game

You might have a shelf full of board games but why not make your own. The whole family can get involved. It can be something as easy as Candyland or as intricate as Dungeons and Dragons. Once you’ve got the rules worked out, share with the friends online.

Write a Family Biography

If you haven’t created a family history, then there is no time like the present. Cull together all your family stories of all the milestones like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Then add in the stories about first cars, first jobs, first houses. Call up the extended family and get their stories. Remember, you don’t have to do it all in a day!

Make Christmas Cookies

Why wait for the holidays to bake those Christmas cookies? If you’ve got the supplies, then go nuts baking with the kids. You could leave cookie packages for the neighbors. What a treat that would be.

Recreate Movie Scenes

Everyone in the family has a favorite movie and scene within that movie. Why not recreate that scene. Craft the costumes and props and then shoot it on your cell phone. It will be awesome.

Begin a Harry Potter Marathon

It is time to revisit the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Start by reading books. When you’ve finished a novel, watch a movie and compare. This is a project that will surely take up a good chunk of time!

Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt can be fun. As the hunt master, you can hide things all over the house. Then make a list to hand out to the teams. Set the timer and see who can finish their list first.

Build A Legos House of Your House

You’ve probably got plenty of Legos to build a house. Why not build a model of your own house complete with furniture? That would be an impressive project.

Learn a New Dance

There are plenty of dances you and the family can learn together. The TikTok world is waiting for your creation. When you’ve mastered one dance, move onto the next. This will take care of the exercise for the day.

Write a Family Song

The kid’s school has a song. Shouldn’t your family have its own song? It should and you all can write it!

Fill Up Donation Boxes

When things get back to normal (and they will!), there will be a lot of ways to help your community. That can start by making donations. You’ll have a lot of time to clean out closets, dressers and toy boxes. Start creating some donation boxes to give back. That’s a great lesson for the kids.