Which holiday do you think has the most engagements: Valentine’s Day or Christmas? According to surveys, most engagements happen over Christmas. There is no data about how many of these engagements involve putting the ring box in several big boxes forcing the recipient to spend time unwrapping boxes until they become very annoyed. If you want a more unique way to pop the question, the think outside of the holiday box. Here are some fun ways to pop the question.

1. Get the Gang Together

This one will take some planning. A few years ago, Isaac wanted to do something special for his proposal to his love Amy. He put together a Lip-Dub featuring dozens of families and friends. It took careful planning and inspiration from the famous Copacabana shot in Goodfellas. The result is a YouTube sensation with a tally of over 26,000,000 views and counting. If you’ve got the friends, then why not include them in your special moment? You don’t have to go all Lip-Dub crazy, but there is no reason why they can come pouring out of the back room at your favorite restaurant or stand ready to scream “Surprise!” while waiting at your home.

2. Back To The Future

Every couple has that “moment when we first met” moment. Today, that moment might have happened at an online dating site. Nothing wrong with that but it’s hard to “trace back to that moment. Of course, everyone has a spot where you had your first date. This could be where you propose. You could actually go further back. What if you could go to the place where her parents had their first date? Without that, she wouldn’t have come into the world. That would make it a total Back To The Future type of proposal.

3. Photo Scavenger Hunt

A trail of red roses is a dead giveaway as to where you want your special someone to end up. That’s old school. We’re living in a high-tech age. Why not put together a photo scavenger hunt via text? You can send clues as to where you’d like your future spouse to be at any given time. It’s a fun way to surprise her and have a great engagement story to tell.

And the bonus way to pop the question…

4. Go Public

There is no shortage of ways to propose to your significant other in a very public way. Whether it is on plane during a flight, during a concert, after a performance of a play or at a ballpark, you’re sure to get help from all kinds of strangers. All it takes is a good P.A. system. The rest is up to you. No matter how you pop the question, make sure to snap plenty of pictures.