We all know that Florida oranges are supposed to be good for us. They’re part of those daily fruit and vegetable servings we need to be gobbling up every day. But do you know exactly what a Florida orange is packed with when it comes to our daily essentials of vitamins and minerals? The short answer is plenty!

1. Vitamin C

When it comes eating any kind of citrus fruits, you’ll be getting a heaping portion of Vitamin C which is also referred to by the fancy scientific name of ascorbic acid. The good news is that a single Florida orange can infuse you with a complete daily dosage of Vitamin C. In other words, if you can reach for a Florida orange once a day, then you’re good to go with your Vitamin C needs.

What can Vitamin C do for you? It’s all about delivering the antioxidants which the body needs to repair cells and fix tissue damage. Let’s face it, between the weather, the pollution and the sun our bodies take a beating every day. Why not give your cells what they’re thirsty for which is a Florida orange?

Along with helping your cells, Vitamin C is also the first line of defense in combating infections and diseases. That’s why when you get a cold you’re supposed to drink your OJ! It has also been shown that Florida oranges packed with Vitamin C can promote strong growth in babies and help their mom’s take in some necessary iron.

The best source to help your digestive tracks to keep “moving” is fiber. It so happens that Florida oranges are an amazing source of fiber. Not only can that fiber help with your digestion but it’s also been shown in many studies to help reduce the risk of some forms of cancer.

2. Folate

Here’s where we start getting into the great Florida orange unknowns. Fiber and Vitamin C we know about but Folate? Folate fires up our DNA development and cell division. Thanks to that our bodies can grow like they should and we can have stronger memory and stronger hearts. Folate is especially important for the little ones. That’s why expectant moms should have a Florida orange a day to help their babies grow strong and lower the chances of harmful birth defects.

3. Potassium

Florida oranges are also a viable source of potassium. We’ve all heard of potassium but do we know why our body needs it? Potassium can bring our blood pressure down. When that happens, there is less pressure on the heart to vigorously pump blood through our bodies. Lower blood pressure equals lower chance of a heart attack.

And the last reason to have a Florida orange? They’re just plain delicious!

To sum up, one Florida orange a day can give us all the Vitamin C we need, help our bodies grow, repair our cells, lower our blood pressure and help prevent cancer and heart attacks. That’s a lot to ask for one piece of fruit but Florida oranges are up to the challenge. Did you have your orange today?