In a time where everything was being reinvented and revolutionized, take a beat and reflect on the iconic automotive marvels that made history. 

#30 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Sanctioned for racing and appealing to those with a need for speed this Italian made car was actually originally intended as an economical family man’s vehicle. 

#29 Mustang K-Code 2+2 Fastback GT

With only 5,000 of these beauties being made in 1966 this was the car for “those who will settle for nothing less than top performance.”

#28 Dodge Challenger R/T

Introduced in the fall of 1969 the Dodge Challenger R/T was a pony car in every aspect. With a “Magnum” V8 engine and up to 425 hp this was one muscle car that would be bound to get your attention. 

#27 Ford Fairlane GT

Sporting an attractive array of performance and handling options the Ford Fairlane was the companies first real attempt at diving into the sport car market.