Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and neighbor to Mickey Mouse. This is a town that was once covered in orange groves. Today, LA is considered an industry town with the industry being TV, movies and music. Of course, with a population hovering just over four million folks, not everyone is gainfully employed in “the business.” Still, there is a kind of magical vibe about the place. Why should you love LA for your next vacation? Here are 4 reasons to LA:

1. Start at the Beach

A visit to Los Angeles can’t be complete without a stop at the beach. You’ve probably heard about Malibu and think, “Well, that’s the beach to go to.” Not really. The beaches in Malibu are nice but they’re mostly connected to private property and not conducive for fun in the sun. Instead, give Santa Monica a try. There is an amusement pier that is always buzzing plus plenty of beach fun. Head a bit further south and you’ll hit Venice Beach that amps up the “California quirkiness” by several notches. In fact, you could rent a bike in Santa Monica and pedal to Venice by way of the beach bike path. Perfection.

2. Head to Hollywood & Highland

If you want to see the convergence of old and new Hollywood, then you’ll want to head over to the Hollywood and Highland (as in boulevards) complex. First, check out the famous star footprints at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. If you want to catch a movie, then this is the place to see it. Right next door is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. On the other side is the Dolby Theater they throw the Oscars each year. Across the street is where Jimmy Kimmel tapes his show. Plus, there is plenty of shopping and eateries to keep you busy all day. As an added bonus, you’ll have the best shot of the Hollywood sign from the third level at the shopping complex. You’ll recognize the spot from all the people pointing their cameras.

3. Check Out the Studios

Universal Studios is a major theme park attraction. The tour of the actual movie making areas is kind of limited. If you want an up close and personal movie studio experience, then head over to Warner Brothers or Paramount for a VIP tour. These are much smaller tours and allows for the chance to get out and walk around a bit. You’ll be closer to the action, too. Another way to see a studio is to get tickets for the taping of a sitcom. Easy to do because they’re always looking to fill seats. Once you get inside the studio, head to the bathroom and then wander around. You never know who you can run into. If you get caught, just say you’re lost.

4. Go Grove Before You Go Home

Still want more shopping, eating and movie watching fun? Head over to the Grove at Farmer’s Market. This is a very popular outdoor mall that is attached to the old Farmer’s Market. This is another place where you could easily spend hours shopping, eating and watching flicks. Plus, there are always a few celebrity sightings to be had. Once again, just follow the paparazzi. What do you want to see in LA?