There is really nothing wrong with comparing adult day care with children day care. In many ways they provide the same types of benefits for the participants and their caregivers. With adult day care, there might be a registered nurse or some other type of healthcare professional who is part of the staff. Most senior participants are allowed to spend the day at a center enjoying all of the benefits of staying socially, physically and mentally active. Here are five of some of the specific benefits of adult day care:

1. Meals

Adult day care can provide well balanced meals and snacks for the participants throughout the day. In the hotter months, it can also keep everyone hydrated.

2. Activities

Seniors are provided with an assortment of daily activities to keep them engaged and active. Among the possible adult day care activities are:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Scrap booking
  • Sing-a-longs
  • Senior aerobics and stretching
  • Group talks discussing books, movies or current events
  • Birthday and holiday parties
  • Field trips to local points of interest.

3. Healthcare

When on-site nurses or doctors are present, participants are provided with additional healthcare monitoring and services such as occasional blood pressure check-ups. Many adult day cares offer ongoing health clinics that provide information and the occasional flu shot.

4. Safe Environment

Adult day care is a safe and structured environment with lots of supervision. No need to worry about slips or falls.

5. Rest

The rest would be for the caregiver who might need an occasional break from the day to day routines of providing care for their loved one.

The goal with any adult day care center is to provide enrichment for the participants. This can occur through engaging them in a series of programs that can help improve and maintain their physical and mental agility.

Is adult day care right for the loved on in your life? Ask yourself:

  • Can your loved one benefit from the spending times with friends?
  • Are they spending too much time alone in their own homes?
  • Do they need to develop interests or hobbies to keep them active?
  • Would they benefit from having a lunch prepared for them?
  • Are they in need of some physical activity to improve their health?

If the idea of adult day care appeals to your needs, then you should explore the options of centers in your community.