When it comes to describing your job, typically there are three basic options: Love it, hate it or it is just work. For the “hate it” and “it is just work” crowd, that job can become a drudgery. Let’s stipulate for the record that we all know the value of making money and we would all love to have all our bills paid and never work another single day. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. Instead, we’ve got to keep punching that time clock until we slide into the golden years and hopefully will have saved enough for a decent retirement. Here are five ways to stop hating and start loving your job.

1. Make the Most of Lunch

Sometimes working at your desk through lunch is the only option to get work done. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. The truth is that without stepping back from the desk, you could end up getting burned out a lot quicker. Even if you take your lunch in the break room, then do that. And it wouldn’t hurt to step outside for a few minutes of much needed Vitamin D enriching sun time.

2. Start a Charity Drive

Every company likes to say they give back to the community. It’s good PR. Sure, they can write a check once a year and that can be a big help. However, what’s wrong with a good old-fashioned charity drive? Maybe you can start collecting canned goods during Thanksgiving. Perhaps you can pull together a team to clean up a beach or plant a community garden. There are all kinds of ways that you can make a difference using the resources at your job. This is guaranteed to make you feel great about where you work.

3. Embrace the Office Birthday Party

There is a tradition around many offices that holds if you have a birthday fall on a workday, then you must have cake in the break room. This is a tradition every office should embrace. It’s also a good chance to catch up with the coworkers. Even if they annoy you, they’ll still be nice when there is caked involved.

4. Ask for More Work

Asking for more work in a dreary job might seem counterintuitive. On the other hand, your job might be dreary because you’re not being challenged. Taking on a new assignment or being put in charge of a project team could reinvigorate your 9 to 5 routines. It might also help you get the attention of upper management. That could set you up with a promotion. Nothing wrong with that.

5. Quit

Okay, this is really the last measure for learning to love your dreary job. It might just be that after making all the effort that this just isn’t the place for you. There is nothing wrong with going after your dream job. The caution is not to quit until you have that next job lined up. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to send out resumes and even go on an interview just be sure you’re not burning a bridge before you go.

Where do you stand on your job?