Show of hands: who has tried to use a Jedi mind trick?

You know where you focus your attention to move the remote closer to you without getting off the sofa.

Or conjuring an open parking space to magically appear.

Of course, making sure your droids aren’t captured is helpful, too.

Scientists types have long ruminated that the typical human only uses between 10% to 20% of our brain’s full potential.

That means we’ve got 80% to unlock and there could be no end to the power of the brain.

Here are some other power tips for getting your brain buzzing.

Breathe Deep

Our brains work best when they are charged with oxygen.

Obviously, we are feeding our brains with every breath but we can go deeper.

It is recommended that you take out 15 to 30 minutes every day for some deep breathing.

Real deep as in fill your lungs until they might burst, hold that for ten seconds and late it slowly out. Repeat. That is sure to fuel your cells.

Learn Something New

Although you might not like this, you brain loves a good challenge.

The more you can learn new things the more you’ll be opening up neural pathways. That’s good for brainpower.

A good place to start is by learning a language. Que? Si, que nunca es tarde para aprender a hablar español.

In fact, it helps if you can take a “step by step” approach with your language study.

You might also consider taking up a new hobby like juggling, knitting or ping-pong. Anything that utilizes hand-to-eye coordination is going to be good for building brainpower.

Switch It Up

We all have a dominate hand. That is the hand we write with, brush our teeth with and eat with.

For the sake of your brain, you should occasionally switch things up as in use your other hand.

By using your non-dominant hand, you’re forcing your brain to rewire itself and activate new processing centers. That’s a good thing.

Close Your Eyes

When was the last time you were plunged into darkness because of a power outage?

Actually, that can be a good thing.

Anytime you can do an activity with your eyes closed can help you sharpen your focus.

Perhaps you can start out with a blind shower. Don’t put yourself at risk, but once you’re under the water, close your eyes and use your senses.

You can also try that in the kitchen with a simple task like getting a glass of water. The goal is to engage all your senses by forcing them to work a bit harder!

Get Mobile

We all know that exercise is good for the body but it’s really good for the brain because it is going to help increase that oxygen flow.

Of course, you don’t have to run a marathon every weekend. Instead, go shopping.

That’s right; a trip to the mall is a great brain boost. You’re walking, your processing, you’re calculating, you’re socializing… all perfect brain activities.

What new thing did you learn this week?   Let us know!