August Fun Facts

As we enter the month of August there are plenty of interesting fun facts to know about global history as it took place during this month and the creation of the month itself. Even here in the United States, we have some interesting historical distinctions that took place throughout the month of August.

While there are dozens of fun facts to learn about the month of August and its occurrence worldwide, there are some key intriguing facts that stand out. Some of the ten most exciting date back centuries, including the following:

  1. August was named in ancient history after the Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar, for many of his victories that took place during that month. This was actually a renaming of the month originally called extilis.
  2. Other global history in August includes the start of the 1896 Gold Rush in Alaska, the end of WWII in 1945, and independence days for Trinidad, Tobago, and Jamaica.
  3. August is a very popular first name in Sweden and many other countries.
  4. In American Presidential history, Warren Harding was the only one of our presidents to die during the month of August and Richard Nixon resigned after the Watergate scandal.
  5. Given the two zodiac signs in August, Leo and Virgo, you may be either a lion or maiden. Those are two very opposing personal descriptions!
  6. The official birthstones for the month of August are sardonyx and peridot.
  7. Based on your location in the world August may be either hot and sunny above the equator or a cold month at the close of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.
  8.  August is the most common harvest month in many locations, being the end of summer.
  9. Many odd celebrations take place in August including National Catfish Month, National Water Quality Month, and National Rum Day.
  10. Even better, an incredible invention in August of 1900 was that of Coca-Cola in the U.K.

There are even many famous birthdays to celebrate in August. Some of these include actors Peter O’Toole, Mila Kunis, and Ben Affleck, as well as jazz giant Louis Armstrong, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and ex-US Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.