When it comes to planning a trip, there is no shortage of budget travel sites that can help you book flights, hotels and rentals cars at deep discounts. At least, that is what it seems. A large portion of those discounts are genuine, but you have to read the fine print. There are plenty of add on charges with some air fares and hotels that will make your “bargain” nothing of the sort. This is why you want to avoid some travel hacks that could end up costing you more money.

Consider these potential budget busters:

Wait It Out

As Shrek likes to say, “Better out than in.” That also applies to a dog with an upset stomach. They could try to purge what is causing stress. That means avoiding filling up their stomachs with more food. Consider putting your dog on a fast for 12 to 24 hours. You might have a problem holding back treats but your pup should be fine and whatever is troubling them can pass, just like it does with you.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Airlines began offering frequent flyer miles a long time ago. The more you flew, the more points you earned and those points could be turned into more flights. It is a nice reward that exists to this day. It wasn’t long before credit cards got in on the action, too. They partnered up with airlines to spread those mileage points around. Certain cards have you earning those points with every purchase. Sounds like a great idea, right? Not exactly. If you’re not careful, those cards could end up costing your more.

The credit card companies who provide travel rewards know that you’ll want to rack up your points. That means they could charge heftier interest rates. You might not feel the “sting” because your eye is on those point counters. However, even adding a few extra interest points could have you spending thousands more over the life of the card as you attempt to pay down the debt. You can make that work to your advantage by paying off the card. Buy something you could buy in cash. Swipe the card, get the points and then pay it all off. Win/win.

Package Deals

New York City offers a CityPass. This allows you to visit all kinds of attractions and museum just by flashing the pass. That sounds awesome until you check the list of attractions. It might be that there is nothing on the CityPass list that you would want to see. Maybe there is one of two places but it might not be enough to pay off the package. This is another one of those “reading the fine print” scenarios.

All-Inclusive Resorts

In theory, it is a great idea. You pay one price for a resort stay that covers everything from the rooms to your meals. Unfortunately, what can happen is that the restaurants at the hotel might not be opened all the time or require reservations. If everyone else is using the all-inclusive ticket, then you could end up eating dinner at 10 at night. Plus, those unlimited drinks aren’t always wine or cocktails. Those are extra and you can be that extra adds up. If you want to book an all-inclusive resort, then talk to a travel agent. They’ll know what inclusive really means.

Overseas Rental Car

Anytime you book a trip overseas online, you will probably be “tagged” to take advantage of a rental car. It sounds enticing to have the freedom of riding around England or Europe in your own car. This is one of those situations where they can “trap” you. When you cross the pond, your great deal doesn’t include insurance and they don’t take U.S. auto insurance. That will cost you because if there is one place where you want insurance it is driving in a foreign country. If you can lock down a good deal, then go for it. Just know that public transportation overseas is actually quite good and affordable.