The objective for any cruise line is to keep their passengers busy from the moment they board the ship until that moment when they walk the gangplank back home. In between, there is no shortage of awesome activities even if that activity is just sitting around the pool and catching up on your Kindle reads. If this is your first time on a cruise, then you’re in store for an amazing vacation. Here’s what you can expect:

The Daily Bulletin

Before boarding, you have probably done your “homework” to find what activities on the cruise ship you want to partake in. However, there is probably a lot of last-minute additions and changes you’re not aware of unless you read the daily bulletin. This is the ship’s version of a newsletter that is delivered to each cabin at night so you can plot the course for your day. There will be a newsletter waiting for when you check in.

Daytime Activities

Once you set sail, you’ll find a long list of daytime activities to fill the moments between sunrise and sundown. These will include (but are not limited to) tournaments in all kinds of sports, cooking classes, art classes, craft classes and culture classes. There are often shows performed poolside and movies playing in the theatre. Yes, all modern cruise ships have onboard movie theaters! If the ship has a casino, then that will be open during the day along with the many buffets for meals and snacks.


Cruise lines know you’re on vacation but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the workouts. There will be fully stocked gyms and spa complexes on board to get in a little cardio. There will also be spin and aerobic classes offered, too. At the spa you can treat your face to a facial or the whole body to a massage. Note that most of the spa treatments will cost extra but the visits to the gym will be free.

Kids’ Fun

If you’re bringing the young ones on the cruise, then there will be plenty for them to do as well. There are many cruise lines that are family centric providing arts and crafts, pajama parties, games and all kinds of other supervised activities in the designated kid zone. Some of this fun stretches into the night, which means mom and dad and or grandparents can have a nice dinner while the kids are being watched over.

Night Life

At night, the action doesn’t slow down one bit. There will be ongoing shows from full scale Broadway musicals to cabaret singers to live bands to comedians. Many cruise lines also offer outdoor screenings of movies. It’s like going to the drive-in but on a lounge chair. If you get bored on a cruise, then it’s because you’re not looking for anything to do!