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Join AARP today, and you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts and resources from AARP that help you feel great, save money, and have fun.

AARP’s trustworthy information and resources can help protect your health, your family, and your career.

If you ever wonder if your AARP membership is worth it, consider some of these benefits and social programs.

Dining, Shopping and Entertainment Discounts

There are numerous restaurants, entertainment, and shopping discounts available to members. For dining out, members get discounts such as 10 percent off at select locations nationwide.

Online Games

Whether you like to do a daily crossword puzzle or test your skills at solitaire, you can access tons of free online games (including some available exclusively for members!) that you can play.

Eyewear and Vision Exams 

AARP members and their families can receive exclusive discounts at participating providers nationwide, plus savings on a complete pair of glasses (frames and lenses) at select locations.

Hearing Care and Free Hearing Test

Members can also take advantage of a free hearing test by phone once a year. The National Hearing Test offers a validated method to check for hearing impairment or loss. It’s completely confidential, and the results are available within just 10 minutes. Also, the AARP Hearing Center offers an array of resources and advice for recognizing and managing hearing loss, protecting your ears, and more.

Prescription Savings

Members save on FDA-approved prescriptions not covered by their current insurance. Savings extend to any dependents, regardless of age — and you can use your free discount card at over 66,000 participating retail pharmacies.

Tools, Insight, and Inspiration for Job Seekers

Ready for a new job? A second career? Or even part-time work? The AARP Job Board is a job search tool that focuses on experienced workers.

Plus, So Much More…

As a member, you will also receive:

The Magazine

As a member, you’ll the bi-monthly publication that addresses the needs and concerns of people ages 50 and over, including the Baby Boomer generation. The magazine covers a broad range of topics, including health, finance, and travel.

The Bulletin

Members also receive the AARP Bulletin, published 11 times a year, with news and practical information. The AARP Bulletin carries reports about national and state legislation and programs affecting people ages 50+. An online version is also available.

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Whether it’s sharing a recipe, getting involved in local activities, looking for caregiving help, or getting information on Social Security. AARP provides you with a wealth of opportunities to save money, play, learn, and volunteer.

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