Once you’ve decided to take a vacation, your first step will be online research. If you have a destination picked out, then you’re sure to find dozens of travel site options that can help you book flights, cars, hotel rooms, and excursions. The problem is that you might experience information overload. Are you getting the best deal? Are you sure the hotel you’ve picked will be a good one? You want to make this vacation count and that’s why you should consider booking with a travel agent. Here’s why:

Time and Money Saving

You can go down that “rabbit hole” of online research and lose hours trying to score the best deal. The alternative is spending a few minutes talking to a travel agent and telling them exactly what you want when you want it and where you want it. They’ll then go off and find those same amazing deals. In fact, they might have access to rates and accommodations that you won’t find online. Travel agents often get the first scoop on special promotions that aren’t made available to the general public. Wouldn’t you want to be on the inside of those deals?

Re-booking Help

Mother Nature often has a way of messing up our vacation plans. A storm on one side of the country can cause flights to be canceled on the other side. When something like that happens, your travel agent can step in and find alternatives to get your vacation back on track. Let them deal with the airlines!

Great Recommendations

One of the perks of being a travel agent is they get to travel. Resorts and cruise lines are always enticing the agents to come to stay at their facilities. They know how powerful a travel agent’s recommendations can be. That doesn’t mean the travel agent will have gone everywhere you’re planning to go, but they’re connected and know the best places. They have also heard from their clients as to which hotels are preferred.

Awesome Perks

Travel agents build up relationships with hotels, cruise lines, and restaurants. They are sending business their way and it helps to “sweeten the pot.” That’s why a travel agent might be able to offer a free room upgrade or get certain fees waived for hotel amenities. If you’re planning a special event, then the travel agent can help coordinate with the folks at your destination. You just can’t beat the personal touch when it comes to your vacation planning.