Benefits Of Owning a Pet

If you’ve traveled recently, then you’ve probably run into an “emotional support pet.” Most are dogs but there are also emotional support pigs, cats, ponies, and even goldfish.

The reason those pets are flying is that they are supposed to calm down their owner. There is certainly some validity with the ability of a pet to reduce stress. Many scientific studies back this up. When you’re petting that pet, you can’t help but calm down.

Are there other benefits of owning a pet? Absolutely. Consider these:

They Can Help Fight Allergies

Many people are born allergic to pet dander. There are some hypoallergenic dog and cat breeds that can be brought into those homes.

However, if you are not predisposed to allergies and are having kids, then you might want to consider getting a furry friend.

Many studies have found that when a young child is exposed to animals, they have less risk of developing allergies and/or asthma later in life.

They Are Date Magnets

This applies more to dogs. Having a dog means you’ve going to be walking that dog and meeting other dog owners. You’ll discover that your fellow owners often form an instant bond.

Everyone likes talking about their dogs. And if those dogs get along, then a playdate could be arranged. Before you know it, you’ve just made a new friend and possibly a date. You’re sure to reward your pup for that!

They Calm Seniors

As mentioned in the opening, emotional support pets can help an anxious flyer. They have also been shown to help with Alzheimer’s patients. With pets around those patients have fewer anxious outbursts.

They Are Good for Your Health

It is not just emotional well-being that a pet can provide but also physical well-being. If you are walking a dog twice a day, then you are most likely hitting your steps goals.

All of that helps improve circulation, keeps your weight in check and can lower your blood pressure. All of those benefits can show up at your next doctor’s appointment.

They Help Us Live in the Moment

Pets can help us live in the moment because that is really all they are focused on. We might be fretting over the past or future but your pet just cares about being happy right now.

When walking or sitting with your pet, take a moment to enjoy the world through their eyes. Everything is chill. That’s a great way to be.