Best Beverages to Drink Before and After a Meal

With the overwhelming weight on your digestive system that comes from heavy meals, like Thanksgiving dinner, you can take on safe and helpful beverages both before and after you eat. Some beverages both before and after you eat a heavy meal can help your system with quality digestion.

One of the most important beverages before and after your heavy meal, and even while you are eating, is water. One of the most common recommendations is to drink a glass of lukewarm water about a half-hour before a meal you expect to be heavy. This will both aid digestion while keeping you satiated before you start to eat. It can also help prevent overheating to the point of discomfort.

Along with a glass of water before eating, you can regularly sip a glass of water during your meal. This can help swallow your food while you eat, though you should avoid drinking too much water as it can possibly impair digestion.

Then, continuing with water with the assistance of digestion, you can wait for about 30 minutes after dinner and drink another glass of slightly warm water. This can help break down the food sitting in your stomach and start your digestion efficiently. It also helps your body absorb the nutrients of your food and makes the most of that overwhelming meal rather than just making you tired. But, make sure that you sip this water slowly as the fast drinking could just sit on top of your food and slow digestion.

A couple of advising points also exist on what you should possibly avoid as a drink with large meals. One obvious item is that of a carbonated beverage as that can lead to your feeling of being painfully full when you finish eating. Also, in consideration of the recommendation to avoid fruit while eating these large meals, it is helpful not to drink fruit juice during your heavy meal. The sugar from the fruit may tend to keep you awake and hinder digestion