There are plenty of credit card options available for people with bad or no credit.

Do you worry about facing credit card applications due to your credit score? If you know your credit score is poor and you have faced rejection in the past, it may be time to search for some different credit programs to help you build your credit.

You likely need to accept the fact that many credit card companies have held high expectations for new cardholders in the past. So, it requires you to start with certain cards that design their programs to help users rebuild their credit. By looking for these cards online, you can avoid rejection and reduce the number of searches you have in your credit report by gaining approvals right off the bat.

Take a look at some of these in your next set of credit card searches to help build your credit score again:

  • Aspire Mastercard – Built for those with less than perfect credit, this card accepts users with all levels of creditworthiness. Pre-qualify for a limit of up to $1,000 with this unsecured card. It has 3% cash back on gas, groceries, and groceries and 1% cashback on all other eligible purchases. That’s a great perk to gain on every transaction when you use your card! Pre-qualify without affecting your credit score by inquiring online to see if you are accepted.
  • Chime Credit Builder Visa – In order to help you regain your credit score, this card sets your limit by allowing you to move whatever you can afford into this account, making that number your credit limit. So, you get to decide how much and how often you use it to spend. Your secured amount is to ensure transactions are always covered by payments later. And, with it being a Visa card, it is accepted anywhere that Visa provides you easy access for transactions and an easy boost for your credit score. Even better, there is no interest! You can feel confident in the fact that the transactions for this card are paid off every month, and you are healthily building your credit with this card.
  • Petal 2 Visa – With this card, you can qualify for a $500 to $10,000 credit. It is designed to help users with poor credit improve their scores as well. You can set a monthly spending budget and calculate how much interest you will owe based on what you pay. This card also offers up to 1.5% cashback when you continue to pay on time. Even more, there are special merchant promotions that offer up to 10% cashback for select transactions. This card has no annual or international fees and reports to all three major credit bureaus to help improve your score.

No matter the card you believe may be best to help rebuild your credit, you can continuously search online to compare more available credit cards. You likely already know that it is hard to find a card if you have a poor credit history, but there are lenders out there who won’t reject you and are willing to help you rebuild your credit. So, take some time and do the research to help regain your financial future!