Best Places To Retire In The US

Retirement is referred to as the “golden years.” This is when you stop going to work and start enjoying life to its fullest. One approach for a great retirement is to move to a new town that has all the qualities you would look for in a living environment. Here are some of the best towns that you might want to retire to: 

Carmel, Indiana

Population: 99,339

Population 50+: 40%

Median home price: 381,015

The “postcard-perfect” Main Street of Carmel is proof this is a quaint suburb of Indianapolis but it is far from “sleepy.” Carmel boosts its own orchestra, several art councils, and theater troupes. There is a Center for Performing Arts and several museums all designed to enrich the lives of the residents. You’ll also find year-round farmers’ markets and festivals. There is also a shopping and arts district along with a 25-mile Monon Trail and city fitness center to help keep everyone healthy and happy. 

Franklin, Tennessee

Population: 86,577

Population 50+: 37%

Franklin has consistently made the 10 lists of Best Places to Live for all ages. For retirees, you’ll find many like-minded neighbors who enjoy golf, museums, and historical sites. Plus, all the music, nightlife, and good BBQ of Nashville is just 30 minutes away. Franklin’s historic district boasts a wide collection of boutiques, cafes, and taphouses. You can shop at a weekly farmers market or take in any of the year-round concerts, plays, and dance performances. There is even a bookstore that is over 200 years old! And the state’s low tax burden will be a boost for your savings. 

Boca Raton, Florida

Population: 141,215

Population 50+: 51%

If your idea of the perfect retirement town involves access to a beach, then Boca Raton is a town to consider. Nearly half of Boca’s population is over the age of 50. Those residents take full advantage of the city’s 40-plus parks, 1,600 acres of recreational spaces, and five miles of beach. As a new Florida resident, you’ll also enjoy zero state income tax and top-notch health care facilities. There is also access to many marinas, arts festivals, golfing, and aquariums which the grandkids will really enjoy!

Salem, New Hampshire

Population: 30,448

Population 50+: 46%

Salem would definitely qualify as a small town. In fact, the entire population could fit into a professional football stadium. Among the many amenities that you’ll find are golf courses, a casino, and an amusement park for the grandkids visit. The New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra also calls Salem “home.” That are winding trails for biking and hiking and plenty of outlet shops.