An investment in a rental property can create a decent revenue stream. Of course, that only can happen if you have renters. Whether your rental property is for long-term renters or the short-term Airbnb tourists, you want to make that property as appealing as possible. Yes, you might be able to entice renters with great photos from a few years ago but you don’t want them showing up and feeling like they’ve been misrepresented. That’s very important on the Airbnb sites where reviews are going to matter for your rental business. Here are the best repairs you can make to elevate your rental property:

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is the quickest and more affordable way to freshen up any property. That goes for the interior and the exterior. If you have the inclination, then you can also make this a DIY project and save even more on the costs. That might be easier for the interior jobs. You’ll also want to consider stepping away from “safe” white tones and instead opt for soft pastel colors that make the place feel more modern.

Replace Fixtures and Cabinets

You don’t have to take on a huge kitchen or bathroom remodel to improve your rental property but you could give it a little “face lift.” Replacing the cabinet doors and fixtures will certainly elevate those rooms. The goal is to not make things feel “dated.”

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Not many renters are going to be spending a lot of time on your front lawns. However, this is where you’ll be making your first impression of the property and it has to be a positive one. Well-manicures lawns and fresh flowers will be a good indication that you’re taking care of the rest of the property. That will always attract renters.

Swap Out the Carpets

There will come a time when replacing the carpets is a must. In between renters, you could bring in professional carpet cleaners but that will only work for a few years. What you might discover in the process is that there are some terrific hardwood floors under those carpets. That might be an even better selling feature to promote.

Put in New Windows

The older the home, the older the windows. This is where a lot of your energy will be going. Replacing the windows is a big investment but one that can start to pay off with those lower heating bills. They will also make everything look new.