A true test of a budding relationship comes with the first weekend trip. How you travel together could very well predict how you will live together and ultimately spend the rest of your life together. That’s a lot of pressure for a wine tasting or apple picking weekend. As one-half of a currently married couple, you don’t have that kind of pressure anymore. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a romantic getaway just “because.” If you can pull a trip together and surprise your spouse, then you’re really going to earn a gold star. To get you started, here are some of the best romantic getaway destinations in the U.S.:

1. Savannah, Georgia

If you enjoyed reading Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, then you are already in love with Savannah. This is a town dripping with Southern charm and history. You’ll find those two elements in the creepy cemeteries and antebellum homes. Unlike the non-stop party that is New Orleans, Savannah lets you slow down, take a stroll and reconnect. You’ll still be able to enjoy a good time when the sun goes down but they don’t call this burg “Slow-vannah” for nothing!

2. Sedona, Arizona

Perhaps it’s a bit chilly where you live. That would make a romantic getaway to a warm climate ideal. Consider Sedona, Arizona. If you’re a fan of movies, then you’ve probably seen glimpses of Sedona, as it is a favorite desert backdrop for many filmmakers. All those gorgeous red rock towers and sandstone formations are perfect for hiking around in the morning. By mid-afternoon, you should get out of the sun and into one of Sedona’s spas for a commitment to total relaxation. Before leaving, make sure you check in with one of the dozens of psychics that call Sedona home. Apparently, this is a very spiritually enlightened zone that can leave you refreshed in mind and body.

3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This is more of a region then a single destination but you won’t go wrong no matter where you land. Things definitely move at a slow pace around these parts. In fact, the town of Dennis just got WiFi. Cape Cod is more popular in the summer months. That means you’ll find plenty of available rooms and great prices in the fall and winter. There are galleries, bistros and shops galore. The best approach would be to pick a getaway home base and then spend the days exploring. Just don’t leave without sampling an authentic lobster roll!

4. Napa Valley, California

Speaking of wine tasting tours, this is the place to sample some exquisite “crushed juice of the grape.” This is the place where you get to indulge yourself. Each winery (and there are lots!) will have a tasting room and tour of the fermenting process. Take the tour once and you’ve got all you need to know about making wine. Now focus on the tasting and you’re sure to find a new favorite red or white that you can buy on the spot. Your indulging continues with one of many gourmet meals available throughout the region. There are also premiere golfing and four-star spas to take in. What more do you need? Where did you go on your last weekend getaway?