Your family deserves the financial security that a life insurance policy can provide.

Did You Lose Your Life Insurance When You Retired?

For most of your working life, you’ve probably had life insurance. If your employer offered it as part of your benefits package, you might not have given it a second thought. You probably knew it was there but didn’t pay much attention to it.

Now that you’re retired – or about to enter retirement, your employer isn’t paying for life insurance anymore. It’s time to decide whether to take out a new insurance policy or enter your later years without any form of protective life coverage.

Don’t Burden Loved Ones With Unforeseen Expenses

You Need Life Insurance After Retirement

Life is unpredictable — especially during these uncertain times. That’s why you want to make sure your family is covered in the unlikely event something should happen to you. With a little planning, you won’t have to worry about paying for a funeral or burdening your loved ones with unpaid bills and expenses. Give yourself and your family peace of mind by having an insurance policy that can cover these last expenses.

That’s why we are happy to bring you this offer from a highly rated company that will cover you — Physicians Life Insurance Company.


Fast, Easy Coverage – Guaranteed!*+

Physicians Life Insurance Company has helped bring peace of mind to millions of Americans. People — like you — who see the need for life insurance so loved ones are not left struggling at a difficult time.

We’re here listening, answering questions, and empowering our customers with the guidance they need to make confident decisions about insurance. You, too, can count on Physicians Life Insurance Company to be by your side, so you can look forward to feeling confident about your coverage — and your family’s future.

Life Insurance That Can Help Fit Your Budget

The benefits of having a Modified Whole Life Insurance policy are:

  • Benefits up to $15,000*
  • Guaranteed acceptance for ages 45 to 80** for one of these insurance policies
  • Coverage will not be canceled due to changes in health as long as premiums are paid
  • Locked in rate for Life

That’s right! The rate you get now will never increase, no matter your age, or what happens with your health. It’s a rate you can count on and budget for. Imagine what an additional $15,000.00* could mean to your family after you’re gone …

*In NJ, Important Information: If you suffer an accidental death at any time, even the first day of coverage, your beneficiary gets the full benefit amount. If you die from natural causes during the first two years of coverage, your beneficiary gets 110% of the premiums you’ve paid. After that, the full benefit amount is in effect regardless of the cause of death.

You’re Not Likely to Find Guaranteed Life Insurance for a Better Price

We compared Physicians Life insurance rates to similar insurance policies offered by other companies, and we think you’ll agree that our rates are some of the most competitive in the industry.

Your monthly rate is based solely on your age, your gender, and the benefit amount you choose — and will never go up. Your price stays the same for life as long as premiums are paid. Plus, it is guaranteed never to decrease or be canceled — even if you develop serious health conditions.

Your Family Deserves Financial Security …

“My sister had a Physicians Life insurance policy since the 1970s. She
passed in 2013. I was very impressed with how fast you paid my sister’s
claim, which I used to pay her funeral expenses. I’m glad I have life
insurance with Physicians Life. You are a wonderful company.
Thank you!”

— Joel, P., Ohio
Member of the Physicians Mutual family since 2010

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+IN MI: For non-accidental death during the first two years, benefits are limited to the premiums paid plus an extra 10%. Full benefits are payable for accidental death from the first day the insurance policy is in force. After two years of coverage, the FULL benefit is paid for death from any cause, less any outstanding loans against the insurance policy. You are guaranteed one insurance policy of this type if between 45-80 ** (MO: 45-75; NJ: 45-79). Benefits reduced the first two years. Insurance policy kind: L770 (FL: L770FL; ID: L770ID; OK: L770OK; TN: L770TN; TX: L770TX) This coverage is not available in all states.   


Article sponsored by Physicians Life Insurance Company®