The most popular New Year’s resolution is to “lose weight.” How much weight needs to be lost depends on the person. Often this will mean joining a gym to get active. That’s a good thing. It could also mean attempting a fad diet that radically changes the way you eat. That could be a bad thing. Upending your eating habits and going on a crash diet might just be a recipe for failure. Instead, you should think about making small and sustainable changes.

Set your weight goal and try to put these easy diet plans into action.

Drink More Water

You should already be drinking lots of water. That simple act can boost your metabolism which is the trigger you want for burning calories. It will also help to drink water before a meal. Maybe even two glasses of water. That can help you eat less, which is crucial for any diet plan.

Swap In Fruit and Veggies

What do you snack on in between meals? Actually, having a snack between meals can be another good way to trigger your metabolism. You just want to make sure that the snack is a healthy one like a piece of fruit or some fresh cut veggies. The idea would be to have them handy in your home or place of work. If you bring an apple, banana or orange with you, then you won’t be tempted by the cookies in the cabinet or the candy bar in the vending machine.

Share or Save Half

You can dine out on a diet but you have to think ahead. Whatever you’re served, you should eat only half. That could mean sharing that plate with your dinner companion or having it bagged up for a leftover. That also gives you two meals for the price of one, which is always good!

Go For a Walk

As mentioned, being active is a crucial part of dieting. Working out in a gym three times a week is a nice goal to shoot for but it might not always be practical. However, walking is something to do on a daily basis. You just have to look for ways to walk more. Start by downloading an app that will count your steps. Then start taking the stairs at work. Maybe park farther away at the mall. At the grocery store, go up and down every aisle even if you’re not looking for anything on those aisles. If you can squeeze in a 20-30 minute walk after dinner, all the better.