Easy Mango Salsa Recipe

Well, as we have now passed the first anniversary of the pandemic and we face Memorial Day and the summer of 2021, some fresh recipes are available to spice up the activities we have in store. Now that so many of us are vaccinated and virus levels are lowering many parts of the country, we can look forward to cookouts, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Even some indoor ones with a small population!

We all know that traditional salsa provides a tasty dish, or even a classic appetizer with some of those tortilla chips that we stuff ourselves on in the local Mexican restaurant. A fun dinner could include your own homemade chips and salsa. But, you have the option to add a little sweet to your spice with some fresh fruit like mango or others. And, quite honestly, fresh mango salsa is even easier to make than the traditional tomato recipes!

Think of it this way, traditional salsa can require 12 or more recipes with much more work. However, you can make mango salsa with 5 ingredients alone.

● Fresh Mangoes
● Red Onion
● Jalapeno
● Fresh Cilantro
● Fresh Lime

With a simple mix of these ingredients, you have a dip for your chips, a topper for your fish filets of all sorts, and much more. Additionally, there are many other fruit salsa recipes available to make fresh and tasty desserts, along with deliciously sweet and spicy appetizers and menu items. No matter what, salsa is a great “topper” for almost any meal made fresh this summer when spending time outdoors with friends and family!