If given the chance, then we’d all like to be taken care of in our own homes with comfortable surroundings. Even with a short stay in a hospital, it is always recommended that the real healing should begin back at home. Studies have shown that many patients have actually had a speedier recovery from operations or other illnesses when they are allowed to return to their homes to recuperate. That doesn’t mean that have to be alone in their recovery. A senior home care aide can be a valuable asset to short or long term care in the home. Here are eight reasons for using senior home care:

1. Strengthens Family Ties

If a loved one shows signs of needing extra support to manage their lives, then senior home care can provide that help. Using senior home care means there won’t be a major upheaval such as a much to a new living environment. Because of this, family members often find it easier to continue supporting through visiting.

2. Postpones A Move

Developing a thorough senior home care program can provide the needed assistance for an elderly patient without requiring a move into a more institutionalized setting. If such a move is required at some point, then the transition might be smoother because the patient has had time to process the new realities of their lifestyle.

3. Reduces the Risk of Infection

Being able to stay at home can help minimize the risk of infection. This is very important for seniors who are at greater risk of catching colds or the flu. This makes home care a very safe option.

4. Allows for Independent Living

Although there might be some new restrictions such as no more driving, senior home care does provide a stronger sense of independence. When patients can stay at home and continue their normal routines they are less anxious. That helps promotes an overall sense of wellbeing.

5. Direct Access to the Primary Care Physician

Staying at home allows the patient to continue seeing their own doctor. This continuity of care is especially important for seniors who like the reassurance from a familiar medical authority.

6. Provides Specialized Care

A home care program is designed with the specific needs of the patient in mind. This allows for focused attention to all of their individual needs. This kind of attention is also beneficial for continuingly monitoring of any health and behavior changes.

7. More Cost Effective

Senior home care is a less expensive option as opposed to an extended hospital stay or move into an assisted living facility.

8. Reduces the Chances of Urgent Care

Once a patient has worked out their new home care regime routines, they can settle into a normal routine. This allows for a sense of calm and normalcy which promotes a healthier lifestyle. When the senior is being properly fed and getting their medications on time, they decrease the risk of heading back into the hospital for extended care or treatment.