We all know that curtains or drapes enhance any window treatments. The choice of fabric and color can totally pull the decor of a room together. Simply put, your room won’t be finished until the curtains are hung. Beyond the decorative element, curtains can also serve a practical function. This is especially true if you opt to hang thermal curtains over your windows or patio doors. These are curtains with an added layer of fabric designed to cool rooms when it get hot and warm those same rooms when it gets cold. Consider these other amazing benefits of installing thermal curtains in your home:

1. They Block Out Light

Letting the sunshine into our homes should be our choice. If we want all that brightness, then we can slip open the curtains. However, when sleeping in is on the agenda or you want to watch a movie without glare from the outside, then thermal curtains are the way to go. When closed, they can effectively block out the light and envelope the room in soothing darkness whenever you prefer.

2. They Keep Out The Sound

In addition to blocking out the light, thermal curtains will be adding a level of sound dampening to the room. You won’t be creating a total chamber of silence, but instead you’ll be lowering the decibel level of common outdoor noises that seep in from the windows. Imagine being able to mute things like lawnmowers, dogs barking and traffic. It’s another reason why these curtains are the perfect choice for your bedroom. You might also think about this type of drapery for your newborn’s room.

3. They’ll Save Your Money

Weather stripping will cut down on your energy bills. The same can be said for thermal curtains. With these types of drapes, you’ll be creating an additional layer of heating or cooling, depending on the temperature. By doing so, you won’t be reaching for the thermostat quite so often. This can translate into some huge savings over the course of the year. That is money in your pocket. In other words, these curtains will pay for themselves in no time!

4. Plenty of Fabric Options

Despite what you might think about the concept of “black-out curtains,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover the wide variety of fabrics and colors to pick from when shopping for thermal curtains. You’ll be able to match your new curtains to all your other furnishings. You could even create a whole new color palate for your room using the curtains as the anchor.

5. You Can Customize Your Curtains

Just because you’re blocking out the light doesn’t mean you have to be drab. Instead, you can customize thermal curtains the exact same way you would with your other types of drapes. In addition to the decorative poles, tieback, and other treatments you can customize your thermal curtains with beading or appliqués. You’ll also be able to find these curtains in many styles. You might end up asking, “Are these really thermal?” They are and you’ll be enjoying them for years to come.