For many folks, having a cold brew at the end of the day is the perfect way to unwind. Thanks to the many craft brewers, the options of craft beers,  have gone way up. Beer has been around for centuries. What you might not know is that beer, like wine, can be a healthy drink if consumed in moderation.

How healthy you ask?

Here’s how:

Decreases the Risk of Heart Disease

Certain properties in beer have been known to reduce inflammation. It can also help thin blood and that can stop clots from causing which can block your arties. Apparently, dark ales and stouts are the most effective in this category.

Boost Good Cholesterol

Beer can generate higher levels of high-density lipoprotein. That is a fancy way of saying “good cholesterol.” The more good cholesterol that you have in your system, the more is pushes out the bad cholesterol that can cause plaque buildups in your body.

Improves Bone Desnity

It is not just milk but also beer that can help with your bone density. The reason is that beer contains a dietary silicone that supports healthy bone development. Researchers have found that beer drinkers have increased bone density. That can mean a reduced risk of developing osteoporosis.

Added Nutrients

As much as we try, we don’t always get all the nutrients that our bodies need to maintain healthy function. This is why some folks opt for vitamin supplements. It turns out that beer also provide those nutrients because most beers are made from whole grains. When you add in fruits and spices, you’re also getting soluble fiber.

Reduces Kidney Stone Risks

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of kidney stones is to drink a lot of water. Guess what is in beer? 90% water. One study conducted in Finland found that just drinking one bottle of beer a day can reduce the risk of a kidney stone by up to 40%.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

There are over 29 million Americans who have diabetes. A moderate increase in alcohol consumption can boost your insulin sensitivity. That in turn can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It is clear that moderate beer drinking can be a benefit. Next time you order a brew, say you’re doing it for your health. You won’t be lying!

Also, as always- drink safely!