Fun Treats to Make During Labor Day

Despite the many challenges of 2020 summer is ending and one of our most lively annual holidays is around the corner. With so much to enjoy every Labor Day, it will be hard to picture a celebratory weekend without the many festivals and fairs enjoyed in most communities.

So, there is one thing we still can all enjoy over a long weekend with our families at home: the food! You can make some of the most delicious treats possible and create a wonderful experience for everyone.

If you start with one of those summertime grill outs, there is much to enjoy for your meal. Everything available in the grocery or at the local farmers’ markets are still quite fresh. That can get a full afternoon and evening going actively with a delicious meal that leads up to some amazing summer treats.

So, what have you always loved about Labor Day? How can you share that with your loved ones in some tasty, fun treats? Let’s see what recipes are most popular for this time of the year.

Basically, summer is ending and it’s time for an incredible dessert! Here is a list of some delicious treats you can make easily and quickly:

  1. Freedom Bark is kind of red, white, and blue melted and chipped candies.
  2. Chess Pie is also a custard pie that is cool and refreshing after a grill out.
  3. Key Lime Pie is only one graham cracker crust treat that is “always in season.”
  4. Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Pie kind of speaks for itself. If you know your guests like strawberry lemonade, then it’s an easy choice!
  5. No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake Bars are an easy, cool, tasty choice for those of you looking for an easy option as well.
  6. Patriotic Fruit Pizza is another cool and refreshing fruit dessert, with a red, white, and blue cheer toward the end of summer here in the United States.

So, with many different options, baked and chilled, there are many tasty options for Labor Day treats. Some key tips include strawberries, blueberries, colored sprinkles, ice cream, cream cheese, and whipped cream for our national colors. You can make cakes, pies, ice cream sandwiches, and all kinds of traditional desserts with the proper colors to add a touch of Labor Day flare!