Are you thirsty? The moment you experience the sensation of thirst, however minor it may be, you are officially dehydrated. That means that the goal throughout the day is to never be thirsty. However, most of us go through a large portion of the day ignoring those thirst signals. Or we drink down coffee, tea or sodas. That’s not the same as good old H2O. If you want to increase your water intake, then take on these water drinking habits.

Bookend Your Day

This one is really simple. When you wake up, drink a glass of water. Before going to bed, drink another glass. That can help with your hydration goals. It is actually very important for the morning glass of water because you’ve just gone for eight hours without a sip. You’re totally dehydrated then!

One Coffee, One Water

For every cup of coffee you drink, follow up with a glass of water. This will make sure you’re getting a good dose of water. In fact, any time you order a cup of java from your favorite café, order a bottle of water, too so you won’t forget.

Add More Ice

Four ice cubes melt out to half a cup of water. By adding more ice to your drinks, letting it melt and drinking you’re getting more water by proxy. Just don’t leave anything in the glass!

Add More Spice to Your Food

This is a trick that tastes good. When you spice up your food, you’ll most certainly be reaching for a glass of water to quench those fiery sensations. You don’t have to go overboard with the chilis. Just keep the water ready for a “cool down” when needed.

Drink A Full Glass with Meds

If you take prescription pills or vitamins, then you’re probably already drinking water with them. But are you drinking an entire glass of water? That should be the goal.

Use A Straw

Sipping from a bottle of water is not the same as using a straw. With a straw, you drink more. This is a good habit to get into if you bring a bottle of water into a meeting. When the straw is utilized, you’ll be hydrated and avoiding the dreaded cotton-mouth syndrome.

Use Apps

Yes, there really is an app for everything and that includes drinking water. The Gulps app sends reminders to your phone to keep you water consumption at an even flow. Plant Nanny reminds you to drink water and every time you do, it helps you grow a virtual plant. That’s nice.

Now, go have a drink of water.