A lot of financial planning goes into retirement. It is the kind of planning that is meant to set up a high quality of life for the much-anticipated golden years. It would be shame after all that planning that you were able to enjoy your retirement because of some bad health habits you’ve been engaging in. Guess what? It is never too late to break those habits and turn your wellness around. Here are the healthy habits you can start today:

Start Walking

Yes, you walk every day, but how much “extra” walking do you engage in? That extra walking can becomes the foundation for your exercise program. It starts with buying a pair of quality sneakers that were specifically designed for walking. Once you’ve broken in those shoes and you’re sure of their comfort, start walking. You can begin with just a trip around the block. The next day, go two blocks. You see where this is headed. The ultimate goal should be three 30-minutes walks each week. That is the kind of extra walking that will be a big boost.

Strengthen Your Balance

Any doctor will tell you that the best way to stay health is not to fall. We might not always have good balance when we get up from a chair or bed. That is why you should take it slow. You should also look for ways to strengthen your balance. Yoga is a good place for that objective. You can also begin by standing on one leg with your eyes closed for 30 seconds. See what it takes to maintain that balance and move on from there.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

It is time to forgo the sweet roll or bagel with cream cheese as your “go to” breakfast. Instead, whip up a health smoothie that consists of fresh fruit, almond milk and protein powders. Egg whites with fresh veggies is another good option. What you’re trying to do is cut out the sugar and processed foods. A healthy breakfast is much better way to start the day.

Practice Getting Off the Floor

This might seem like an odd habit to practice, but it could be vitally important. You should literally get on the floor and practice getting up again. Imagine if you’ve fallen. You want to be able to get up. Do you have the strength? Again, this is something to do when you’re already in reasonably good shape. It will prepare you for later on. If you find it a bit of a struggle to hoist yourself up, then strength training at the gym is the next step.

Take on a Project

Even though you might still be working, there is no reason why you can’t take on a side project. Maybe you’ve got a novel you’ve been wanting to write. Maybe there is a dog house that needs building. Whatever can challenge your mind and your body is something to take on. It will help keep your focus sharp.