Home Remedies For Bug Bites

Summer is a time for outdoor fun. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes know this, too. They are literally lining up to use any human as their new “buffet.” Getting bit by a bug might not ruin your fun at the moment but that itching can certainly make for a rough night’s sleep. And no matter how much you scratch, the itch never seems to go away. The real concern is that the more you scratch, the greater the chance of breaking the skin and that can lead to infections. Before that happens, you can apply one of these home remedies for your bug bites and watch the itching go away:


Good for breakfast and bug bites. Oatmeal contains special compounds that have anti-irritant qualities. You can make an oatmeal paste (pre-cooked) with equal amounts of oatmeal and water. Once you’ve got your paste, scoop some onto a washcloth and apply the paste to the bite and hold it there for 10 minutes. You can then wipe the area clean. If you have an exceptionally large number of bites, then you might want to take an oatmeal bath. One cup of oatmeal in a warm bath and then soaking for 20 minutes should do the trick. You can even apply some of the oatmeal directly to the bites.

Crushed Ice

A blast of cold ice can reduce the inflammation of the bit and numb the skin. This is only short-term relief but would work great if you’re outdoors with a cooler full of ice. You don’t want to leave ice directly on the skin. Instead, wrap it in a paper towel or cloth. That way you can leave it on the bite longer.


This is definitely a remedy that you only want to try indoors! Honey contains many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can honey soothe a sore throat but it can also work on a bug bite. Just be careful where you sit in relation to where the honey has been applied. You don’t want to create a sticky mess!

Aloe Vera

It is a good idea to have an aloe vera plant growing in your home. Anytime you have a minor burn or bug bite you can cut off a portion of the plant and squeeze out the gel and apply it right to your ailment. Of course, you can also buy aloe vera gel in a tube!

Baking Soda

Every kitchen has baking soda. The scientific name is sodium bicarbonate. You would make a paste with this just like you would with the oatmeal. Apply it directly to the bite and then let it stand for 10 minutes before you wash it off.
As long as you have a stocked pantry, you won’t be far from a bug bite remedy!