How To Carve Out ‘Me Time’

If you live alone, then you have a much better approach to carving out “me time.” You just take it. However, if you are living with roommates or a family, then finding time just for yourself can be a bit more of a challenge. You have to be proactive. It will also help to announce to the people that you’re living with that you are taking “me time.” Translation: No disturbance. Of course, the trade-off is to make sure your partner gets their “me time,” too. Here are some ways to carve out that time:

Tea Break

How long does it take you to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee? Ten minutes? That can be your tea break. This should be a break away from your desk and your phone. If you can sit outside for your break, then all the better. This might be something to do in the morning. It could mean waking up before everyone else so that you can be alone with your thoughts. That’s not a bad place to be!

Bath Time

Most of us are used to grabbing a quick shower to start our day. You can still do that but aim for a bath at the end of the day. That would be a bubble bath. After the kids are asleep, slip into that warm tub and relax. You might find that taking a bath just before your own bedtime can help you fall asleep even quicker.

Short Yoga

Yoga is a practice of stretching that can invigorate your body. You might have already gone to classes that last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Your yoga doesn’t have to go that long. A nice twenty-minute session can work wonders. If you’re new to yoga, then you can find plenty of instructions online to get started.

Listen to an Audio Book or Podcast

Making time for a few chapters of an audio book or a podcast would qualify as “me time.” You are in a sense shutting out the outside world to focus on what you’re listening to. You could even combine that listening while walking. That is a double “me time” experience.

Do Something Creative

“Me time” can also be devoted to creative pursuits. That can mean anything from coloring in a book to building a puzzle. The key is not to get lost in those pursuits. “Me time” should be set as a finite number. Set an alarm. Then give your pursuit your full attention for the duration of that time. Your day will go by a lot smoother when you find your “me time.”