When it comes to making money, you can either work hard or take a short cut. Working hard could mean starting your own home based business or selling stuff at a flea market on the weekend. It doesn’t always have to be a 9 to 5 job. Taking a short cut comes with more risk and no guarantee of rewards. That would be doing something like gambling in Vegas or playing the lottery. Another potential short cut to cash could be auditioning for a game show. You’ve probably got better odds in Vegas than winning big on a game show. Of course, you could just want to embrace the game show experience as something on your bucket list. Since all you should be giving up is your time, then you really don’t have anything at risk.

The good news is that every show needs contestants. In fact, they’ll tell you how to apply at the end of every show. There could also be open auditions coming to your town. Bottom line: It won’t be hard to find the auditions once you start looking. The only hitch is you’ve got to go to where the show is produced. Sadly, they won’t pay for your airfare. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be facing off against hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow contestants who want to win as much as you do. Can you have an edge? Of course, you can if you follow this advice:

Pick A Show You’re Good At

If you’re good at answering trivia, then shows like Jeopardy or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are a good pick. If you like solving puzzles, then Wheel of Fortune would be the way to go. Bottom line, you want to try out for a show you have a shot at winning. Maybe start playing the home version of games to see if you can keep up. Once you’ve narrowed down the potential list, find the best time to audition and off you go.

Don’t Be Boring

Game show producers not only have to find contestants to fill up their program, they also have to find people that are interesting and enthusiastic. What does it take to get on The Price Is Right? You’ve seen all those jumping happy people. When you get in line, start jumping and be happy. You’ll be watched from the moment you show up for that show. Other game shows like to pre-interview potential contestants. This is where you should share that one great story you’ve got. Maybe you survived a shark attack. Maybe you rescue alpacas. Maybe you have the largest collection of commemorative spoons. They’re looking for people who are engaging.

They also want contestants who are willing to make big plays. Even if you don’t make that play once you get on the game, tell the producers you will. In other words, producers love to hear that you’re a “gambler who likes to take risks.” That makes for good game shows.

Be Camera Ready

Appearances matter on game shows. This doesn’t mean everyone has to look as good as Vanna White. However, when you go into an audition, approach it as if you were going on a date. How would you dress to impress?

Finally, don’t complain. The audition process might last a long time. Guess what? So will the taping of the actual game show. If you complain about things, then the producers aren’t going to want you to come back. Happy and peppy. That’s the only way to go.