How To Get Your Home Ready For A Foster Dog

Photo by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses are closing for the duration. That includes many animal shelters that won’t have the staff to take care of all of their pets.

This is why many shelters have put out the call for help fostering a dog. The hope is that a family can take care of a dog and return it to the shelter when the time is right. Of course, there is always a chance you’ll fall in love with the pup and want to keep them. Nothing wrong with that.

Here’s how to get your home ready for a foster dog:

Shop for the Basics

You will be able to order the basics for your foster pup online. It is a good idea to get all these items in the house before you pick up the dog.

For food, you should get the same food that the dog has been fed at the shelter. You can slowly transition them to another type of food if you prefer but you shouldn’t make an abrupt switch. They will already be anxious. By providing them with familiar food, you’ll reduce their stress.

You will also need a good leash. Most vets recommend a standard lead instead of a tractable leash. It will be much easier to control your dog on walks with a standard lead.

You will also need water and food bowl. You might find that your dog is on a regular schedule with regard to eating and drinking. In other words, when you put the food down, they’re going to gobble it up. That can help keep them on schedule. You don’t want to leave out food all day. When dinner is over, it’s a good time to take them for a walk or let them out in the yard.

Schedule a Vet Session

Picking up a foster dog comes with a benefit: Most of the dogs will be up to date with their shots. They will also be spayed and neutered. You will still want to set up a session with a local vet to get your dog on a proper flea and heartworm treatment.

Set the Rules

It is important that you set the rules for your dog both for the family and for the pooch. If you don’t want your dog on the furniture, then be sure to provide them with a comfortable bed you can move from room to room.

They’ll want to be near you but that doesn’t mean in your lap… unless you want that! You should also avoid feeding the dog from the table.

The only food they should get should be in their bowls. They can have treats but not when you’re eating. Otherwise, they will be begging at every meal.