After a long winter nap in storage, you’re probably eager to get your RV out of storage and hit the road for your first adventure of the year. Before you can head out, there are some items you’ll want to take care of to get your RV road ready. Here’s what you need to do:

Check the Exterior

A small crack in window caulking can cause a major problem in your RV. You’ll want to check around all the windows, vents and air conditioners for any cracks. It might help to “make it rain” by hosing down those areas and then checking inside to see if there are any leaks.

Check the Tires

Sidewall cracks can develop when a tire has sat in storage for a while. After inspecting the tires for any tread problems, make sure they’re at the right level of inflation.

Clean the Appliances

You’ll want to clean all your appliances to wipe off any dust or grime that accumulate while in storage. There might even be the occasional spider web that has to be cleared out.

Inspect the Batteries

Your RV batteries are the power source. You’ll want to check the terminals and connections for any corrosion. If there are signs, then be sure to power down before cleaning. You should also check battery fluid levels and the charge. Don’t run the risk of a dead battery on the road. If you’re close to the end of a charge, then replace the battery.

Refill the Propane

If you use propane on the RV, then you probably removed the tank before putting it into storage. Time to replace that fuel source and make sure the connections are clean.

Test the Water

You’ll want to flush your water pipes and get them flowing again. That includes checking the hot water valve to make sure you’ll have the water you’ll need. Your sink and shower hookup are other areas where you should check for leaks.

Replace the Dump Hoses

It might be time to replace the sewer hoses if they’ve sat for too long.

Check the Awnings

Finally, if your RV has awnings, then you’ll want to unfurl them and power wash them down. If there is an issue with the springs, then seek out a professional to get them tuned.

Happy motoring!