How To Help During Quarantine For Those In Need

It doesn’t matter where you live or who you live with, being in quarantine is a challenge. There is a senses of helplessness that is also pervasive. Even though you can go outside for a walk or make a trip to the grocery store, it might not seem like you’re doing enough. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can provide help and support while you’re in quarantine. Consider these options:

Stay at Home

The best gift you can give your community is staying home and staying healthy. By staying home you are reducing the risk of contracting the virus. By doing so, you reduce the need to seek medical help. Any time someone enters the healthcare system who is genuinely sick, it takes a team of professionals to care for them. The more patients, the more those professionals are stretched thin. By staying home, you’re reducing that strain and that is huge.

Tele-sit for Friends

Parents are in an especially challenging position. Not only do they have to do everything they are used to doing for their kids but they are also now becoming “teachers” for home schooling the kids. They also have to put up a brave front. That can be difficult given all the obstacles that come with quarantine. This is why you can provide a big assist for parents that you know by tele-sitting with the kids. If you could set up a chat or video call where you can read books and engage with the kids, then the parents could take some much-needed “me time.” Even an hour with kids can let moms have a relaxing soak in the tub. Everybody wins!

Consider What You’re Buying at the Grocery

A lot of folks depend on the WIC for food assistance. You might have noticed that certain items on the grocery shelves are labeled WIC. That means that the participants can utilize that product. It would help if you could pick a different brand to keep the stock in place. You might also want to avoid shopping on the first of the month as that is when the WIC accounts are replenished.

Run Errands for At-Risk Friends

There might be some friends or neighbors on your block that would fall into the “at-risk” category. These would be the elderly or someone who might be immunocompromised. Those folks shouldn’t be going out even with precautions. That is why making a run to the grocery store for them would be a huge help. Check-in and see what they need for your next trip.

Contribute to Food Banks

Food banks are being overwhelmed by folks in need. Fortunately, these banks know how to stretch a dollar. If you can spare the cash, then they would certainly appreciate a donation. Even $25 can go a long way to feed a lot of folks.