How To Help Small Businesses During The Pandemic Shut Down

Small businesses have always been on the “front lines” of creating economic growth. It stands to reason that if the country is effectively “shut down,” then those small businesses are going to take a big hit. The federal government has stepped in to provide much needed financial support in the form of business loans and grants.

That will certainly help but there is a lot you can do to support your local businesses.

Here is how to help:

Tell Them What You Need

If you have a small business that you deal with on a regular basis, then you need to communicate with them about what your ongoing needs might be. This will help them make specific orders for stocking inventory. It also gives them a chance to directly supply you with that item.


Certain businesses in your community depend on local businesses. In these times, some folks might not know the business is still open. This is especially true with restaurants offering take-out. If you are using these businesses, then let everyone on your social media accounts know the business is open. It also will help them if you can leave a review for them online. That will help them in the long wrong build up their online presence.

Buy Gift Cards

This is a great time to buy gift cards from your favorite restaurant or other shops. That puts money right into their pockets. It’s also a nice way to give a present to someone in your family who you might not be able to see for a birthday or anniversary.

Buy Direct

Pay attention to what you’re ordering on Amazon when dealing with “third parties.” Those would be outside businesses who pay Amazon a fee. You can buy direct from these businesses. It just will mean jumping off Amazon and going to that business’ website directly.

The hope is that the businesses will be able to bounce back along with everyone else. In the meantime, they still need our support.