How To Improve Your Air Quality In Your Home

Take a deep breath. If you smell something “funky” or your cough because of dust and dander, then there might be an issue with the air quality in your home.

That air quality isn’t just focused on the filters in your air vent. Yes, it is vital to swap those out every 90 days. However, there can be a lot more going on with the air quality that you need to pay attention to. This is what you should be doing on a regular basis to improve the air quality in your home:

Keep Your Floors Fresh

You’ve probably shaken out your fair share of small rugs and mats. All that accumulated dust and dander can also build up on your carpets. Vacuuming is vital but only if your vacuum deploys a HEPA filter. And you have to be extremely thorough with your vacuuming. You could do a “touch up” every other day but at least once a week go for the “deep” vacuuming. That means carpet edges, upholstered furniture, drapes, and corners where dust can accumulate.

Beyond your carpeting, you might have floors in your kitchen and other areas without rugs. Those should be mopped on a regular basis. You don’t have to worry about using soaps and cleaners with every mopping. Water will work great for picking up the dust.

It will also help to put mats by your doors and institute a no-shoe policy. Those kicks should be kicked off at the door to prevent the transfer of the outside dust and dirt.

Keep a Healthy Level of Humidity

The ideal level of humidity for a home should be around 30%-50%. An air conditioner helps keep that humidity level consistent. In the winter, you might want to utilize a dehumidifier. It will also help to open the kitchen window when cooking.

Bring in Plants

Houseplants can improve the quality of your air by creating oxygen. You just want to be sure not to overwater the plants as that will trigger higher humidity levels.

Make It No-Smoking

Your home might already be a “no-smoking zone.” If not, then it is time to get serious about breaking that habit. Even someone who just smokes outside can still “drag” some of that smoke back into the house.

Use Natural Scents

There are a lot of cleaning products and dryer sheets that might make the house seem like it is smelling fresh. However, those products could also be masking a lot of chemical compounds. You should look for fragrant-free cleaners and laundry products. You should also open up the windows to let in the fresh air. Sliced lemons and baking soda can also create a clean scent in your kitchen.