How To Juggle Online Degree Classes With Your Everyday Life

The main reason to enroll in an online degree program is to improve your life. The challenge is to make sure you can juggle that life with your online learning. Even though you have flexibility with your online program, there are still commitments to honor. How can you juggle those commitments with everything else that is going on in your life?

Here’s how:

Take Great Notes

Whether your online classwork involves assigned reading or recorded lectures, you want to be able to take good notes. Those notes can be typed into organized documents and files. You want to focus on the key concepts vs. minute details. Notes should be for reviewing what you already know not teaching you the material from the start.

Minimize Distractions

If you live alone, then you’re in charge of the distractions. That means you get to shut off the TV and phones and create an environment that is conducive to learning. If you are living with other people, then you need to make them aware of your schedule and when you need to focus without distractions.

Avoid Cramming

Every student has crammed for a test at least once in their academic career. This comes back to the issue of “learning something for the first time” vs. “reviewing the material.” You should always strive for reviewing. A little time each day going over what you’ve taken notes of so far can keep you ahead.

Separate Work From School

Most online students also work while attending school. That requires balance. You know what your work schedule is and that won’t change. Your study time should happen outside of your work. Yes, you can review notes on a break but you don’t want to try and double up.

Stay Healthy

Studying for an online degree while working and taking care of your family is going to push your limits. This isn’t the time to slack off when it comes to your personal health. That means eating right and still getting in your exercise. It might be tough but you could get in a walk with the family as a way to stay active. It is also important to make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Being tied won’t help you in any area of your life. That might mean shutting down the computer to make it happen! It will pay off in the long run.