How To Pick A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Accident Claim

It literally just takes that proverbial “blink of an eye” to get into a car accident. You can have an impeccable record and practice defensive driving every time you get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to insulate you from another driver who isn’t paying attention to the road.

When It’s Clear Who Is At Fault For an Accident, It Is Clear What Your Next Course of Action Should Be.

File an insurance claim. Going up against a company that has made it their mission to never do the one thing they are supposed to do. An insurance company’s go-to position will always be to claim “no-fault” and deny benefits. That is when you need to get the support of a personal injury attorney. This is the individual who will become your representative to take on the insurance conglomerate and seek an appropriate remedy.

Picking Your Attorney, Here’s What You Need to Consider…


You want a lawyer and a law firm with experience. Of course, every lawyer will make that claim on their website. That is why you want to get into consultation to ask about that experience. They should proudly be able to tell you how many personal injury lawsuits that handle in a year. They should be equally proud to share their success rate. It also helps to find a lawyer who does most of their work on behalf of plaintiffs in a case instead of representing the companies that you will end up suing.


A prominent law firm can bring a lot of support to the table. However, sometimes you can feel like you’ve become a “lost client” with those kinds of firms. That is why it is crucial to find out in your review process just who will be handling your case. You might have a lead attorney and one or two associates who will take care of the research and pull together evidence. That is a great team, but you need to know who will be the most responsive to your questions and concerns as you move forward.

A successful law firm will be handling several cases at once. You want that, but you should also feel as though your concerns won’t be ignored. If you get that impression from the lawyer, you’re taking the first steps to build a strong working relationship.

Establishing a Settlement Goal

Every couple of weeks, there are headline-grabbing stories of multi-million-dollar settlements in personal injury cases. While those do happen, they are usually the exception. Your lawyer should provide a settlement goal for your case. At a basic level, you need to be compensated for all your current and future medical expenses. You should also be covered for any loss of wages. There is also a consideration for pain and suffering that can be part of your settlement goal. This is a number that your lawyer will know is realistic. Remember, a settlement means that there won’t be a trail. It helps when all the evidence is on your side.

Signing a Contract

Finally, you will have to sign a contract with your new lawyer. This contract will spell out in clear terms what each side should expect in this partnership. That includes all the potential fees that would be associated with the case. You might have a lawyer that is working on a contingency basis. That would mean they only get paid if they achieve a ruling in your favor. But that contingency rate needs to be in writing and agreed to. There should be no surprises when it comes to the final settlement amount that you’ll be paid.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Take What’s Rightfully Yours

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