Photo by Krysztof Kowalik on Unsplash

A bad flight is not a good way to start a vacation or a business trip. You might be able to sit through an uncomfortable one or two-hour flight but longer than that and you need to master the art of flying comfortably.

Whether your flight is across the country or across an ocean, here are some ways you can stay comfortable during a long flight:

Go Loose

You should have a travel outfit focused on comfort. That would be in loose clothes. This is not the time to break in a new pair of heels. You should opt for loose-fitting shirts, jeans, and a hoodie. You’ll also want to keep your feet covered with comfy socks. That will look a lot better than bare feet and more sanitary.

Cancel Noise

Hopefully, you’ll have some on-board entertainment to keep you occupied. That entertainment should be your own. In other words, download the things you want to watch on your computer or pad. That way you won’t have to pay extra or be stuck if the airplane system goes down. You also want to be able to cancel out the noise. An investment in noise-canceling headphones is a good way to go. Make sure you try them on at home before the flight so they are comfortable.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Your level of comfort on a plane might be related to your ability to get up and stretch your leg. If you’re staying hydrated as you should, then you might need to make the occasional trip to the restroom. This would all mean an aisle seat is a way to go. If you think you want to sleep on the flight, then you might want to secure a window seat. That will prevent you from being woke up if your seatmates have to cross out.


The probability is high that you’re not going to like the food on the plane. There might not even be any food on the plane! That is why you should bring your own food. Make it something that is easy to eat on a plane. In other words, something that doesn’t need a lot of cutting or reheating. Packing some favorite snacks is also a good move for a long flight.

Bank Your Miles

Your goal as a flyer is to become a frequent flyer. That means sticking with one airline so that you can bank the miles. When you hit certain milestones, you can cash in the miles for upgrades and more comfort. Happy flying!