If you have decided to get your weight under control with a healthy diet plan, then good for you! You’ve probably tossed out the bad junk food in your kitchen and replaced with with fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins. For the more industrious, you can even plan out your menus and enroll your entire family on the plan. But cooking every one of your meals can put you into a rut. Sometimes, heading out to a nice restaurant is a wonderful break from the routine. And just because you’re going eat out, doesn’t mean you have to toss your diet out the window. You can still eat very healthy if you make the right decisions.

Say Good-bye to Drive-Thru

The obvious first choice would be to avoid any restaurant with a drive-thru window. You’re just asking for trouble. As you peruse a menu, think outside of the box. One of the healthiest choices is a nice piece of fish but you might not like cooking fish at home. Dining out is the perfect opportunity to order a great grilled salmon or halibut that will be loaded in omega 3 fatty acids – the good kinds of fat!

Ask Questions

If something looks too good to resist on the menu, then don’t hesitate to ask how it is prepared. There might be a less fat, less sodium rich way of having that piece of chicken or beef. Buzz words to avoid on a menu would be anything that is “buttered, creamed or escalloped.” But definitely say yes to anything “steamed, grilled, baked or broiled.”

Think in Portions

Many nutritionists will tell you that managing your weight is all about portion control. So, if you get a hefty serving at a restaurant, then eat half and push the plate away. Take the rest home for a leftover meal the following day. Consider it a two for the price of one.

Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat with flavor. There is a whole world of spices and sauces that can add a delectable punch to any meal. Try something new and see where that gets you!