You can say that you had an amazing time on your vacation but the real proof would be your photos. Today, everyone is walking around with a camera on the phone. The result is that there are over 300 million photos being uploaded just on Facebook every single day. The best way to get those “likes” is to take some amazing photos. Those same travel photos could be printed out and added to your home, which is a wonderful way to relive those great memories. Although a lot of the photos that you are taking are going to be spontaneous “clicks” there are a lot of ways to improve your chances of snapping that perfect picture.

Wake Up Early

Even though the vacation temptation is to sleep in, you might want to get up at sunrise one or two days on your trip. That is when you might discover some amazing shots and not just from the sun. Those special sites like the Eiffel Tower won’t be as crowded. That can make for some extraordinary shots.

Drop Back

When traveling with family, friends or a group and you find yourself in some amazing surroundings, then drop back to get that vista shot with the group. You’ll have plenty of “closeups” to share along the way. These shots are for the whole panorama.

Turn Around

If you are vacationing at the beach, then you’ll probably snag a bunch of amazing sunset photos. Don’t forget to turn around. As the sun dips below the horizon it throws some amazing colors and shadows on everything “behind you.” Turn around to see what the sun is shining on.

Look for the Little in the Big

When visiting big monuments, you’ll want to snag a few selfies of you with that object behind you. That’s proof you were there. Once you get that photo, take the time to look around for the little details surrounding that place. You might find some interesting vendors, flowers or wildlife that are worthy of a photo.

The bottom line, don’t get caught up seeing things just through your phone’s camera. Look around for those shots. They’ll be waiting for you.