The worst thing to happen on your next vacation isn’t rain but getting sick. At least if it rains, you can still enjoy room service. When you travel, you are stepping into a world of potential germs and viruses. Most of those your body’s immune system can beat back but every once and a while, those microbe invaders will break through and cause you to get sick. To fortify yourself against that from happening, you’ll want to take some proactive measures for your next trip:

Stretch Time

Before getting into your seat for the flight, you should try to stretch out almost like you would for a workout. Some airports have recognized the importance of this and provide yoga rooms for travelers. When in transit, you should try to get up and walk around at least every hour. If the “fasten seatbelt” sign is flipped on, then you can do more confined stretches by rolling your wrists and ankles. Every so often, try to engage your core by sitting up straight and drawing your belly button in toward your spine. That will keep the blood circulating.

Sleep When Possible

If you have the skill set to sleep in any environment, then you should have no trouble dosing off on a plan. A sleep mask will help keep out the lights. It is also a terrific “do not disturb” sign for your fellow travelers and flight attendants. Investing in a travel pillow can also help you get comfortable for a doze. If you’re lucky, then you can sleep through the whole flight and wake up refreshed at your destination.

Always Sanitize

Hand sanitizer should be used frequently. Don’t hesitate to start your trip by wiping down your seat and tray with wipes. If you’re traveling with your family, then be sure they are sanitizing along the way, too.

Protect Your Skin

Traveling by air can play havoc on your skin. This is why you want to pack some moisturizing lotion. Once you reach your destination, be sure to apply sunscreen liberally. That isn’t just for the beach but also for strolling markets and streets. It only takes 10 minutes of exposure to the sun for your skin to start to burn.

Take the Water

Anytime a flight attendant offers a cup of water, you should take it. In fact, whenever you order any type of drink also order another cup of water. Staying hydrated is the best way to prevent jet lag.

Avoid Exhaustion

There is nothing wrong with filling up your vacation days with activities but don’t discount the value of sleeping in and catching an afternoon siesta. Resting goes hand in and with relaxing. When it comes to staying healthy, sleep is a powerful fortifier for your body.