Our dogs count on us for food, water, and the occasional rubbing of the tummy. On hot days, they also count on us to keep them cool. Unlike your human friends who will always complain about the heat, your dog can’t tell you how uncomfortable they are. Yes, that heavy panting might be a good sign but you shouldn’t wait for that. When it comes to keeping your dog cool on a hot day, you want to be proactive.

Make Shade

If your dog needs to stay outside when the temps go up, then you need to make sure they have some shade areas. A big tree can work but so can a pup tent (no pun intended) or a patio with a canopy. You should be keeping an eye on the temperature. Even with the shade, it can still become too darn hot.

Take a Dip in the Water

Nothing beats jumping into a pool on a hot day. Your dog would probably also like a refreshing splash in a pool but you have to be careful. If your dog is exhibiting signs of heat stroke, then jolting them with cold water could make things worse. Fast lowering of skin temperature can accelerate internal organs to overheat. This is why you want to be gradual with cooling them off after they’ve been exposed to the heat. A nice approach would be to have a child’s wading pool standing around with water that is only high enough to cover their paws. This is where a dog’s heat is easy to dissipate. It is also the only place where a dog sweats so keep those paws cool!

Make Breeze

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

A cool breeze on a hot day feels great for anyone. You can set up a fan outside on the patio to make a breeze for your dog. At night, you can have a fan going in the room where the dog sleeps to keep them cool as they sleep.

Cool Down Water in their Bowl 

Water is crucial for everyone on a hot day. Unfortunately, your dog’s water bowl can raise the temperature of their water. Try to keep it in a cool place outside and have it replenished with ice cubes. You can also freeze dog treats in an ice cube tray and give them to your pooch. They’ll lick it down the treat and stay cool.