The minute you return to work on Monday are you already thinking about your next weekend off? That is probably common for many workers. You might also be looking forward to the weekend because you have factored in a “break” from working out and diet restrictions. Yes, Saturdays were made for cheat days. Although that can occasionally help support your plans to get into shape, it might be that the excesses that you indulge in during the weekend are putting a drag on your work week. That is why you should think about making this next weekend off a healthy one. It might not be as big of a challenge as you think. Here’s what you can do:

Set the Alarm

Yes, sleeping in on the weekend sounds like an awesome idea but you could be setting yourself up for a kind of “social jet lag.” If you sleep into 10 or 11 in the morning, then you’re throwing off your body’s biological clock. That could actually trigger more fatigue. When that happens, you can also have a sour mood. Is that any way to spend the weekend? Instead, stick to your normal wake up time but plan something fun. Maybe you can meet a friend for coffee or go for that hike you keep planning on. Waking up early on your day off means you’ve got more time to get things accomplished.

Stay Active

Sorry but the weekend is not a time to slack off when it comes to working out. Maybe you don’t have to go as hard as you would during the week. However, if you cease all activity to “take it easy,” then you’re also slowing down your metabolism. All that hard work you did during the week of eating right and keeping up with your cardio will go right out of the window. You can gain plenty of weight on your days “off.” Maybe you can transfer your workout to the outside. Go for a bike ride or hike. Drive to a trail you’ve never been and spend an hour walking. Any outdoor “adventure” would qualify as working out.

Cheat for One Meal

If you’ve been good with your eating choices all week long and want to have a cheat meal as a reward, then go for it. The key is it should be one single meal and not an entire day of desserts. That will help you stick with your plan but not feel as though you can’t reward yourself for a job well done.

Take a Hot Bath

The stress of the work week can take its toll on your physical and emotional wellbeing. That is why you want to set aside time for a little self-care. The perfect resort would be a nice hot bath. The warm waters can relax the tension in your muscles and provide that much needed soothing time. If possible, try to take this bath when you won’t be interrupted. You could even take it before bedtime to help you fall into a deeper sleep. Just set that alarm for the morning!