Men’s Haircut Throughout History

So many different trendy men’s haircuts made their way throughout the decades of the 20th century. However, as we make our way through the 21st century, the increasing number of hipster haircuts are leaving their mark on the modern style. Hipster Haircuts for men are more than just those than the hair on top of their heads, but facial hair styling as well. While some of the hipster cuts are vintage, others are contemporary and “rock star” styling. All of these were created with intention of attracting attention.

With so many different hipster haircuts available for men today, there is much to consider. It could be your hair color, the size of your face, and the placement of your cheekbones and facial structure. You may have curly or straight hair to help make a choice, but also if you have shaggier locks another might be better.

Comb-Over with a Side Part

This is one of the most popular hipster haircuts, including the basic use of long top hair with shorter sides. Many variations on the length can help make it fit your style. But it is also helpful to be easily worked into place in the morning. There is little work needed to get it to look good.

Slicked Back Hipster Undercut

This style mixes a classic undercut hairstyle with the top being slicked back. The sides and back are buzzed. A little styling is needed with pomade and a comb to get the top looking appropriately slicked back. With just a little work, you can be happy with the look and head out the door!

Fade Hipster Haircut

With a fade on the sides and long hair on top, this one works with many different face shapes and hair colors. It is popular with the use of decreasing levels of hair length, fading from long to go. Another factor of this one is the ability to pair it with other cuts like the quiff to add some more trendy style.

Quiff Hipster Haircut

Combining short hair in the back and long hair on top, this hipster cut is suitable for all types of hair. It is also very easy to style, making your morning prep time short. With gel and a comb, it can be set into place while drying it in only a few minutes. And then you are good to go!

Man Bun Hipster Haircut

Long hair can be easily tidied up with a man bun. Luckily, the bun does not have to be on the top of your head, but anywhere you find it comfortable. Also, this one can be combined with other hipster cuts like the undercut. The use of this allows for many alterations of where you place it, how you twist your hair and more. It allows the option for many funky, hybrid looks!

With these and many other contemporary hipster haircuts, there is much you can do with your hair to add to your style. Increase your trendiness by working with the details of your hair, face, and look you prefer to determine the perfect hipster cut for your needs!