photo by Lisa Hobbs on Unsplash

Have you ever said to anyone that you have a cold only to get the response, “There’s a lot of that going around?” It seems that no matter what time of the year it is, there is always a cold virus circulating. Of course, in the winter, we seem to become the most susceptible to catching a cold. The are no known cures for the common cold. That is why the best way to deal with a cold is to make sure you don’t catch one in the first place. You can bolster your chances of staying healthy the natural way by following these helpful tips:

Save The Diet For Spring

Right after New Year’s, everyone scrambles to the gym to follow-up on their resolution to lose weight. Unfortunately, studies have shown that low-calorie diets could put you at greater risk of catching a cold virus. Those diets also make the recovery time last longer. Perhaps you can hold off on the diet until the first day of spring. You’ll still have plenty of time to get into swimsuit shape.

Boost Your Supplements

Vitamin C. Echinacea. Marshmallow Root. Zinc. These are the supplements that are meant to boost your immune system. They can be found in citrus fruits and juices as well as tea varieties. There are also the straight-up supplements that you can take on a daily basis to help fortify your cold defenses.

Get Your Rest

We should always be aiming for those golden eight hours of sleep every night. This is especially important during the cold season. Whenever you become fatigued, you lower your body’s natural defenses. Before your doctor can tell you, “Get some rest,” you should get some rest!

Invest In A Humidifier

If you really want to understand how the cold virus works, then you need to go down to its molecular level. Cold bugs love low-humidity, which is probably why they are so dominating in the winter. A strong humidifier can keep those bugs away. It can also help relieve symptoms of congestion and sore throats.

Go For A Walk

It might seem counterproductive to go for a walk when it is cold outside. However, even a little exercise can help fire up your immune systems. That will go a long way towards keeping you healthy. You can bundle up for the stroll or hit the stationary bike at the gym.

Wash Early And Often

The importance of washing your hands shouldn’t be minimized. The number one way you’ll catch a cold is by coming into contact with the virus. This means you need to wash your hands every time you come home, use the bathroom, or cook. We’re not just talking about a quick run under the water, but a good scrubbing for 20 seconds or about as long as it would take to sing “Happy Birthday.” Also, make a bottle of hand sanitizer your new best friend.

Hands Off Your Face

All that washing is a good thing, but you should still try to keep your hands off your face, mouth, noses, and eyes. It might be hard to avoid the occasional itch, but be aware of resting on your hands or wiping your face out of habit. That’s a habit you need to break during the cold season. If you have to sneeze or cough, then aim for the crook of your elbow instead of your hands.

Stay Away From Sick People

There are some situations like commuting, going to church, or showing up for work where you’re going to come into contact with sick people. If you hear someone sneeze or cough, then go in the opposite direction. If you do become sick, then stay home. You’ll feel better knowing you’re not getting everyone else sick.