At some point, you or your elderly loved one might need to make a transition in their living arrangements. There are three basic options: Retirement communities, assisted living or personal care. The choice for which environment is right has a lot to do with the health of the individual. Here’s how they break down:

Retirement Communities

Retirement Communities are specially designed “neighborhoods” where like-minded seniors can spend their retirement. This is a great option in warmer climates where immediate family might not be nearby. Residents of retirement communities can be offered a lot of amenities for exercise and fellowship. The homes in these communities are also designed to be low maintenance. This is a good option for seniors who are still active and want to remain so. A robust social life will go a long way towards promoting good health.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is for residents who are still independent but might need some help with mobility issues. This could be anything from assistance with getting dressed to driving for errands and medical appointments. Many Assisted Living communities are group together in apartment building like complexes. These suites will be like apartments but without the need for a lot of upkeep. Even though some of these apartments can have kitchens, in Assisted Living, meals are often provided in a communal setting.

Assisted Living also provides around the clock medical care if needed. There are usually medical professionals always on call and regular screenings and help with medications are provided.

Personal Care Homes

Personal Care Homes might commonly be referred to as nursing homes. These are closer to hospital type of design with residents sharing a room or having a private room. Typically, someone in a Personal Care Home would require around-the-clock medical monitoring. These would be patients diagnosed with dementia, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Disease. Even though the living spaces are smaller, they can still very much be personalized with photos, keepsakes and even a television. There will be supervised activities and the residents who can move about are free to do so throughout the day.

There are even communities that blend aspects of all three levels. The common goal is to maintain a quality of living. That is something we all should strive for.