At any given time, there are thousands of hundreds of flights crisscrossing the country. Those planes are filled with business people and families on vacation. Given the current situation of security screening and overcrowded flights, it is hard to find many folks who admit to enjoy flying. It is just a necessary part of the trip. There are plenty of ways to make that flight more manageable and enjoyable. That starts by listening to the secrets from the airline employees. They know what’s really going on:

Put Your Pet’s Name on the Carrier

If you’re flying with a pet that is being transported in a carrier, then they are probably going to be nervous. Can you blame them? Before you get reunited, those carries will pass through a lot of bag room agents who would love to calm your pup down. It will help if you put your dog’s name on the carrier. That way who ever handles that carried will know who they’re handling.

Don’t Drink the Coffee

If you need a java jolt to get you through the flight, then consider packing a thermos and filling it up in the terminal. Once onboard, you’re at the mercy of a coffee machine that probably hasn’t been cleaned as you would expect. That is because there is often very little time for a thorough cleaning in most flights. There is also the issue of lack of proper cleaning supplies. The result is a cup of coffee that is more like dregs than fresh brewed.

Use Twitter for Complaints

Things might not go according to plan on your next flight. You could complain to a flight attendant but their ability to remedy the situation is limited. You could also call the airlines but chances are you won’t get much satisfaction. These days the best way to register a complaint is on Twitter. Be sure to tag the airline. They have staff dedicated to monitoring their social media accounts and will want to act quickly to put out any “fires.”

Turbulence Won’t Cause a Crash

Turbulence doesn’t cause plane crashes. In fact, air turbulence is quite common. That doesn’t mean it can’t be disturbing. There are plenty of instances where severe turbulence tosses people and possessions around the cabin. This is why you should always keep your seatbelt buckled even when the sign is off. It is a minor safety precaution that won’t impede your trip.

Be Nice to Flight Attendants and They’ll Be Nice to You

When it comes to flying, a little kindness goes a long way. That is why you should always be nice to your flight attendant. Ask them how their day is going. Share a treat if you have on. Remember, they’re spending the entire flight in service of dozens of people, most who aren’t very friendly. Your kindness will be appreciated. It could also result in to some perks. You might just end up in first class!