When it comes to selling stuff, you have three basic options: Yard sale, going online or at a flea market. Yard sales can be limiting. Online and flea market sales can reach a wide group of potential customers. There are probable flea markets in your area where you can rent a stall either once a month or every weekend. Here’s how to make money working the flea market circuit:

Step 1: Research

To make this home base business viable, you need find out where the flea markets are happening. A quick Google search will reveal all the answers you seek. Then head out to the market and get a sense of traffic flow and how the operation works. Take special note of the stalls that you feel drawn to. Did they have banners that caught your eye? Was the merchandise neatly organized? You’ll also want to talk to your potential fellow sellers. Hopefully, it will be a friendly lot. There might be a waiting list to get a stall. If it doesn’t cost you anything, sign up that day!

Step 2: Acquiring Merchandise

You have to think of your flea market stall as a mini store. Sure, if you’ve already got tons of things to unload, then you’ll have the stock. However, you always need to think about restocking. Among the most popular items to sell are clothes. That holds true for new and used. Start with clearing out of your closet. Then during the week hit up the Goodwill and other thrifty stores to replenish your stock. After a few weeks, you’ll get a sense of what your customers are looking for. You might also invest in some wholesale items like socks, underwear and plain T-Shirts.

You can also expand your flea market stall to include niche items like vintage toys, furniture or antiques. Books are also a big seller, especially paperbacks. Sell them on the cheap and you’ll rack up the money. The more variety you have, the greater chance you have of selling off your stock.

Step 3: Set The Right Price

The objective of any flea market customer is to find a bargain. It’s up to you to provide that bargain without giving away the stuff for free. You want to price your items below retail value. That will certainly draw in the crowds.

Step 4: Advertise

Not only should you get some great signage for your stall but you can also put up posts on Craigslist. Let everyone know where you’ll be selling and what you’re offering.

Step 5: Come Early, Leave Late

Flea market bargain hunters know to get there early. That means you have to be ready for them. If you’re only going to be working two days a week at this, then you want to devote full days. It will also help staying until the very end of the day. You can probably do some decent “unloading” with last minute customers.

Step 6: Bring A Friend And Change

It will help if you have someone helping you. Bring a friend who could become an employee. You also want to make sure you have plenty of change. This is a big cash business. Of course, if you accept payments on your Smartphone, then you might be able to tap an even broader customer base.