Smart And Fun Ways To Bond With Your Family When Sheltering-In-Place

Grandparents And Granddaughter Walking On Winter Beach Laughing

Like it or not, sheltering-in-place means you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your spouse and kids. Obviously, that shouldn’t be a problem but it can present challenges.

The kids might need home-schooling and you might need to do some remote work. That can wear you out during the day. But there will still be some wonderful opportunities to bond with your family.

You’ll find that these activities can also be great stress reducers.

Here are some things you can be doing with your family:

Cook Together

There is no excuse not to have family dinner when sheltering-in-place. Instead of leaving all of that cooking work to one member of the family, why not get everyone involved.

This is a good opportunity to teach kids some kitchen skills. You should try to think of meals where everyone can get involved. Maybe you’re preparing the chicken for baking and the kids or working on the biscuits and salad.

If you’re making fresh pasta, then everyone can get involved. Even more so with making ravioli or dumplings. Get everyone stuffing!

Take an “Off-Grid” Walk

With longer days, there is more sunlight. That can mean a perfect opportunity for an after-dinner walk with the whole family. The key is to do it without being plugged into music or texting. Maybe you can do it before dinner and pick up the meal at your favorite local restaurant.

Save them on the delivery! There’s a good chance you’ll see a lot more folks out for a stroll at the same time!

Plant a Veggie Garden

One way to get kids to eat their veggies is to have them grow those veggies. You could plant a veggie garden and take the time to tend to it throughout the spring and summer. If you don’t have a plot of the backyard to dig up, then you can use containers to accomplish the same thing.

Have a Campout

You can also use the backyard to camp out or have a picnic. Camping out might be fun especially if your family was planning this type of vacation. You can rough it but still have the “escape” hatch of going back inside.

Put On a Show

Your family has the talent and it’s time to put that talent to work. Thanks to all the tech on your cell phone, you can video any production that your family puts on. You can edit the shows, add music and drop-in special effects. That’s a great project for everyone to have a hand in.